Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Let me start by wishing every one a very Happy New Year.

Everyone I know wants to know what I am doing for the New Year so I am officially quoting “Nothing”. I believe doing nothing is an art by itself and I seem to have mastered it. Besides I need to be away from the pressure of doing something for ushering the New Year in.

I am going to wake up late and ensure that I have a day of relaxation (ideally that’s how all my holidays are spent).
When I was young I heard a quote that whatever you do on 1st of Jan you end up doing it at regular intervals in the whole year. So I am hoping it works alright for me though I have no proof of this. Last year I began the year with a bang. That’s the only one I heard the whole year. The year before that I was travelling to Bangalore and pretty much all my travel plans were cancelled by magic.

So if reverse psychology works with my activities for the year then I better to stick to one portion in the couch. That way I will be travelling the year along.

What say???

By the way this works only for me :-) Follow advise with caution


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Flying High

Hopefully I am able to please my critics who felt my poem was morbid. A new one especially for you

With my ruffled feathers
Twisted in the knots by the sky
The distant sun burning bright
Its shine no longer blinds my eye

Above the clouds I want to go
Before the early dew strikes through
Charging against the wind
Higher I want to soar

The distances I know not
Scared I know I am not
Fears I have cast away
In the darkness that has faded away

My flight may look tired
The stars are way higher
To which I plan to reach
In search of solace that I seek


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Baby Steps

I see people doing wacky things and feel either they are crazy or stupid… I am a model citizen who occasionally litters the streets when no dust bin is available and feel terrible about it for days… So me doing stupid things is out of question… (read sabya nagarik)

So here I was in office with nothing much to do and my life anyways sucked… So as a means to entertain myself I went to a near bookstore to read some free stuff. I actually managed to drag my colleague who poor thing tried vain attempts at opening a book… I love to read but I dragged the hapless girl onto a reading session and I am sure she was bored to death with it…

After tormenting her for some time on books we decided to go eat paani puri… So we like walk down the road to some stall which sells paani puri… Like the lords of the place we go and ask the guy to make 2 plate paani puris… I look at the price and realize its extortion but when a girl’s got to eat … she really got to eat… so ignoring the prices we start gulping the puris… half way down the line I realise that we had to give tokens to the guy, which your truly didn’t give as we weren’t aware (in my defence). So I tell my colleague that we haven’t given the token thingy and she is like ok… So after eating the puris we slowly scooted away… Believe me I ran as fast as my stubby legs to carry me which is not a lot to say

On the way back to the office I must have looked back a zillion times imagining the vendor yelling chor …

Though the puris didn’t taste that good, the free aspect made them a lot tastier…

So my baby steps into the world of crime … hope I don’t get incriminated for it…

Monday, 15 December 2008

Terrorized by two year olds

I think we always under estimate the powers of a toddler, I definitely belong to the ignorant lot who has never realised the full potential of a toddler…

And what I am going to narrate is sure proof to how I was terrorized

I, in my innocent and mind your business manner was walking out of my building compound when my neighbour’s kid called out. She is a two year old (lets call her “V”) who is loud and I mean really loud… anyways she was playing with her gang when she calls out to me. The nice neighbour that I am, I turned and found out that V wanted to come with me. I asked her mom and she was like ok.
The cautious person in me prevailed and asked her to wear some footwear. Now that done, V comes running to me like a heroine and out of the blue all her friends (which I forgot to mention are also two or three year olds) started calling out to her.

Now V is in a fix as she was pulled in both directions. You see peer pressure exists among two year olds also. So V’s one friend holds onto her like there is no tomorrow and another kid threatens to throw stones on us. I mean this is real war by two years… So poor me had to give in to the threats. (I think the stones did it for me… can’t see my sensitive self being pelted on by stones).

Obviously this narrative met with tremendous laughter from my folks but they didn’t see the gang leader’s eyes when he threatened me… Besides 4 -5 kids do make a loud noise and as I said earlier I am GOOD neighbour so cannot disturb others right…

Hope I have gathered enough sympathy to build up my confidence to meet these new terrors… forgive the grammatical errors; I think I am still scared or petrified as they say!!!


Monday, 8 December 2008


This poem is offically called 'Unknown Visitor'
Let me inform you well in advance that I am absolutely clumsly in case of technology. So I guess I was dumb enough not to change the previous title.

Your views are well appreciated.

It has come silently
To take me away
Like a gentle breeze
With the early morning chill.

He creeps slowly in
Making me shiver within
I feel him all around
But he is nowhere in sight.

Tears I can't cry
Cause no pain surges in my eye
Stealingly he looks at me
Though no one around me can see.

His smile to me is cold
But I urge I m not old
He wants to take me away
But in my intent I don't sway.

His smile has stopped
And my eye on him has locked
In me I feel a chill
Though the sun is shining still.

Time has seemed to stop
My heart jumps over the top
Now I know I can't stay
For life in me has faded away…


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

Today while travelling in the train I peeped into some ones book. Don’t condemn me for it.
This person was reading some gyaan on the pursuit to find happiness.
I must say one statement captured my attention. Desire is the root cause of unhappiness and seeking happiness is the greatest desire.

I am not as sure of the solution, I had to get off the train but it definitely hit a sore area. I mean we constantly strive to achieve greater happiness by working harder but we still feel like we haven’t achieved anything yet. We just get back to the grind.

So when are we truly happy… I recently passed my exams and to be honest I wasn’t very happy because I guess I felt it took ages to complete. Now that is definitely a shock to my being. Believe me I must have amazing talent to stretch it for 5 years…

This statement made me realise that I need to change my perspective of happiness. With the New Year beginning I cannot think of a better time to try and make a change in myself. So guys let me know if I am being too grumpy (attempt at change you see)

Does that mean I give up my supposed competitive streak (I believe I have one!!!) … I doubt it but I can definitely smile more often and stop being an agony aunt (involved in my own agony or agonising some one else)…

So wish me luck