Friday, 20 February 2009


Every day on my way to work I pass under a flyover. In all the cement plied up for the construction work, I can see 2 girls aged between 6 -7 years, gleefully playing in the mud.
They seem oblivious to all the grim surrounding them and keep playing with their make shift toys. Must appreciate their ingenuity, they have used basic things thrown away by people as their toys. They looked truly happy.

On the other hand, in my swimming classes (I can’t swim) there is another girl of the same age who is forced to go swimming. We can practically see her shivering in the cold but she has to continue with the tedious task of making her mandatory rounds. There is a constant expectation in her eyes to get out of the pool. Definitely no happiness is visible.

Strange when we have everything we want more. We continuously crave for things which we don’t want just because it looks good on others. What do we truly crave for? A good night’s sleep, a smile and a look of love. For all of this we strive through out the day and yet come home empty handed.

Amazing ways of life.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Eyes

Sadness prevails in my eye

An unseen pain eats me alive

Tears don’t flow

But the feeling still stands by

The dryness in my eyes

Awaits a twinkle within

But it fails to appear in my eye

As no joy it finds in my life

The smile seem to have vanished

Like a horizon it seems in the distance

Don’t know whether it will ever reach my lips

I don’t know the smile who has banished

A lost kingdom of myself I rule

A lonely battle I have fought

But on my past I won’t drool

For only pain it has bought

A new kingdom I will create

Maybe a smile I will conquer

For despair I won’t wait

But a new dawn I will wait.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

Duel with Scrabble

I have been exploring the aspect of scrabble. Not that I am much of a word person. Though I am planning to increase my vocabulary or at least improve it. With the current usage of abbreviations I think it is a tough task ahead.

I think the most obvious dilemma is when you have 5 ‘I’s a ‘V’ and ‘F’. in such a scenario making a word seems a nightmare. The next question arises which is the right word. According to me, “UR’ is a perfectly valid word. Both I and my friends know the word but scrabble disagrees. Scrabble suggested BIOTITE (which is supposedly mica) but MS Aord disagrees, so now you know my problem. Besides I can’t still understand how to exchange my tiles. The scoring for me definitely lacks on numerous accounts.

I guess I will try building my score on HAT and PAT. Till next time when I can conjure up a long word to show off my new found talent.