Friday, 25 October 2013


In the woods I walk
            a path of green and brown
the welcome chirps
            announcing the arrival like a crown

The wind cooling my stride
            and light on my path
Carrying my presence
            for all around

The calm feels me up
            enthralling me with peace
The call of the waves
            becoming me to them

Green to brown and blue
            the temptation strong to blend
submitting to the call of the nature
            Into the welcoming arms of the waves.

The Peacock dance

Its rare a song makes me want to jump and write. I know I have been moved to tears or turned thoughtful on hearing different songs.

When I first heard 'Brothers in Arms', I am not sure what happened, the next thing I know tears were streaming down my eyes. The most recent song was Demons by Imagine Dragrons which moved me to a pensive mood.

I have enjoyed over time a fair share of Hindi songs, where the tune was peppy or energetic. Recently I heard a new song and I am perplexed what emotion it evokes. As one thing is for sure it can't be ignored.

The song in question is from Ram Leela where Ranveer Singh is the object of attention. Not sure what, I mostly blame the video, it reminds me of a peacock flaunting it's feathers.

Doesn't help that the colors he has worn resembles a peacock. Everytime I see or even hear it, I can't hep picturising a peacock fluttering it's feathers in the rain. It brings a smile on my face.

The song does seem like a bad day for the peacock and even he must be shuddering on this comparison.
Weren't his scrawny legs even an embarrassment that a song is now an added injury.

Forgive me oh majestic bird !!! but the comparison in my mind stays and there is no help.

Till another bird can replace the dancing, the peacock dance is tagged to this song.