Thursday, 13 June 2013

The 'It' Season

The supposedly romantic season of India has officially begun. Hindi movies have optimized rain as the’ It’ season. Walking on the lush green grass and the gentle rain creating beautiful puddles. The heroine’s hair sitting beautifully with strands strategically moving giving a shy look.

Fast forward to the city streets, gentle rain still pouring, the lush green grass replaced by tarred roads. The beautiful puddles turned into potholes splashing ‘oh’ the glorious rain water on one and all. And hair looks like a struggling vane which has been splashed with water with the hopes it will grow stronger and healthy.

Ahh, all the romantic notions washed away in the next rain.

Oh rain oh glorious rain, you have come to tease us and torment us. Looking out of the window the greenery calls me and then I am worried of the infection I will get.

Am I an over paranoid citizen or has my curiosity washed away so many years ago with my paper boats.