Tuesday, 7 July 2009


This is a very short story which i wrote for the office newsletter. Though it didn't make it to the newsletter thought I will put it up for your comments.
Also I plan to work on expanding the story line further sometime in the future.

Your comments as always as welcome. So here goes...

Shaila waited in the queue, the heat had become unbearable but there was no alternative. The rationing line had just turned longer.

For past three days this had become a ritual for her. To stand in the never ending rationing line. Every time before her turn came the owner would put up the notice board out of stock. Even the black market option had turned extremely expensive.

She was tired of this waiting; she cursed the politicians for her plight. Her family had voted for the ruling party and they had assured all will be okay. The government had quoted that the quotas sent to each area had been increased though it never reached her family.

She finally saw the truck pull in front of the shop, it was surrounded by guards like a national treasure was being transported. She became ready with her cans hoping today at least she will get her quota of drinking water.