Thursday, 29 January 2009

My Weekend Adventure

I know I have been awfully lazy in my posts. As my friend Sen has been losing weight I seem to have gained weight. I managed to look a bit thin with all the exercising on our trip.

Anyways I thought I will write my post on our trip on the outskirts of town. No, I don’t intend to make it sound like an essay (My summer vacation). Besides need to please all my critics who complain that I write too much poetry.

So begins my TRUE account of our trip
It was a trip doomed from the beginning to be a disaster. First we could not find a place and then the picture of the place looked horrid, I am sure all my colleagues were reliving a nightmare till the actual day of the trip. The bunker beds looked so thin that I was not sure which part on my body will be on the bed and on the floor.

Anyways after waiting an awful half an hour, my colleagues landed up to pick me up. Now, me early morning is not a pleasant sight considering mornings and me don’t blend very well.

So my colleagues cheered me up and I was on my way to a real trip after ages. With the wind in my hair amply supported by the knots I managed to get in on the way, I was back to the cheerful me.

The journey was pleasant (no comments there) and we finally reached the place. With fear in our hearts we opened the door to our room and voila it was spacious. I mean the lower bed could accommodate 3 people, not that I was intending too. Post the morning repast we decided that we should explore the surrounding. Truly yours actually ran through the open fields. Maybe I was testing the soil for impact.

Post the run and getting lost, we again munched on some tasty food. We were plain hungry. The next item on our supposed relaxing trip was rappelling which wasn’t half bad. Again yours truly is scared of heights so I must say I was a brave warrior and landed squarely on my feet.

Post some soaking the setting sun we looked forward to the next day of valley crossing. The valley wasn’t much just 20 feet between 2 trees but it was a good experience.

After this strenuous activity where the instructor did all the work and I just held onto the hook like my life depended on it, we checked out. After lot of planning and re planning we landed up at a place which was 20 kms too far. The food was yum but the cons with yum food were upset tummy the next day for all.

According to my folks I looked lighter. I think they really missed me over the one day I was away and quoted that I have lost weight.

Anyways it was a good trip, so all planning is not always a waste. In this case it seemed to work for the best.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Leaving you behind

I am uploading another of my poetry which i had written quite some time back.
The inspiration had clicked on my return journey from St Andrews.

Not sure what i was thinking but managed to pen it down on the bus ride back home.

Hope to hear your comments. Intellectual property lies with me as always :-)

With the orange hue of the setting sun
And the serenity of a calm sea
I have let your memories sweep away
In the bed to go and lay

The journey to your bed of rest
Has been long and tiring
Many stumbling blocks on my way
To find a perfect spot for you to stay

With the receding skyline
I live you back
As on a new journey
I want to embark

With the ashes of my dreams
Long gone
The black of night I Know
Has gone


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Weighing Options

As I climb the stairs, anticipation has been building up inside me. I am indecisive whether this is the right move. I am in self doubt whether I should continue with the path I have taken up. It is asking too much from me.

Am not sure whether I am up for it. How can I be up for it, after the continuous failures I have faced? All my efforts have gone down the drains; all those wasted months now seem to gawk onto me.

The hot summer sun has been draining my spirits. Sweat seems to flow done my veins and I can feel my resolve melting away. I continue to contemplate whether I should climb the stairs or move towards the cool shades that beacon me onto their comfort. With tremendous efforts I continue my ascend upwards. I can feel the struggle all around me.

The door towards my goal has opened. As I enter I see the phone cradled in its arm rest. My hand moves towards it and I hesitate as I close the distance between us. Should I call or move away. Finally better sense prevails and I resolve that I will cook. Take away food I bid good-bye. Can’t let the calories lost with the walk up the stairs lose now. As I take my baby stairs towards my resolve of losing weight, each step seems a giant leap all over again.

This was my entry for the "Ascension" short fiction contest which Sen advised me to write.

Hope to read your entries soon too, the last date is 14th Jan. Hurryyyyyyyyyyy