Monday, 15 December 2008

Terrorized by two year olds

I think we always under estimate the powers of a toddler, I definitely belong to the ignorant lot who has never realised the full potential of a toddler…

And what I am going to narrate is sure proof to how I was terrorized

I, in my innocent and mind your business manner was walking out of my building compound when my neighbour’s kid called out. She is a two year old (lets call her “V”) who is loud and I mean really loud… anyways she was playing with her gang when she calls out to me. The nice neighbour that I am, I turned and found out that V wanted to come with me. I asked her mom and she was like ok.
The cautious person in me prevailed and asked her to wear some footwear. Now that done, V comes running to me like a heroine and out of the blue all her friends (which I forgot to mention are also two or three year olds) started calling out to her.

Now V is in a fix as she was pulled in both directions. You see peer pressure exists among two year olds also. So V’s one friend holds onto her like there is no tomorrow and another kid threatens to throw stones on us. I mean this is real war by two years… So poor me had to give in to the threats. (I think the stones did it for me… can’t see my sensitive self being pelted on by stones).

Obviously this narrative met with tremendous laughter from my folks but they didn’t see the gang leader’s eyes when he threatened me… Besides 4 -5 kids do make a loud noise and as I said earlier I am GOOD neighbour so cannot disturb others right…

Hope I have gathered enough sympathy to build up my confidence to meet these new terrors… forgive the grammatical errors; I think I am still scared or petrified as they say!!!



Blogger Senorita said...

@ LV...I agree ... you tend to get "petrified" a lot :))

15 December 2008 at 02:27  
Blogger Sainnezz said...


15 December 2008 at 02:31  
Blogger LV said...

I can't help if my innocent self has been bruised by such elements... so being petrified seems like a normal reaction

15 December 2008 at 02:35  
Blogger LV said...

Sainnezz ... meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

15 December 2008 at 02:36  

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