Friday, 20 March 2009

My writing skills

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything. I am not sure if it is a writer’s block or I am just being stingy with words. Or better still I am plain lazy.

I thought I will write a short story maybe hone my writing skills.

Anjali was tired and exhausted. She had a long day at work and nothing seems to be going right. To add more to her agony, she missed her daily bus and had to wait for another 45 minutes for the next one that means after 10:30. She could not curse her boss enough for making her wait so late

She would now reach home only by 12:00. Her stomach was grumbling for lack of food. Every time she tried to think something positive about the day nothing seemed to work. Finally her bus arrived and shit it was packed. The remainder of the day was just getting worse. She had to stand throughout the journey to her place.

No one seemed courteous enough to give her a seat; her poor cat must be hungry. She just could not get her mind of her poor cat but the next moment she went back to cursing her boss. She jumped off the bus as soon as it halted at her stop. She had to take the stupid alley as it was already too late and she didn’t want to keep the cat hungry. Cause only god could save her sofa if she kept her cat hungry for too long.

All of a sudden felt lucky to find a small store opened so late, though she was apprehensive about the crowd outside the shop. She ignored her sixth sense and brought some milk and biscuits for herself. Today she had to be content with plain old biscuits. She could not stop feeling pitiful for herself.

In her state of self contempt, she took the shorter route to her place. She could not help feeling how different it felt in the night with all the doors shut and no street lights on. As she walked lost in her surrounding, she heard footsteps. Strong and loud footsteps. A panic arose within her and she could not see anyone. She started walking fast. The footsteps were faster.

She was almost running and had tears in her eyes when she heard a man call out “Stop Lady”. That did it, she just ran. The next thing you know she falls with a thud. Her stupid ankle had sprained, damn shoes. The man approached her and Anjali could not stop her tears. He asked “Madam, Are you alright, why were you running”. Anjali just could not reply. The man helped her up and said “Madam you forgot your change”. That did it for Anjali, she just broke into tears and could not stop.

With the sprained ankle she finally reached home to find her cat sleeping fitfully.


Friday, 6 March 2009


I have been attending swimming classes, I can’t swim you see. The first day I landed with full enthusiasm, only to learn that it was going to take me an awfully long and painful while to learn to swim.

I had big dreams of being a successfully swimmer, though the first downhill task in my endeavour was waking up at 6 am. I don’t remember the last time I woke up that early. The sun light does not suit my nocturnal eyes. Post loads of nudging from my sister; I take the giant leap of getting out of bed.

Post the mandatory morning activities, I somehow manage to reach the swimming classes. The swimming lessons for a long time have been a mystery as I was made to move my legs as if I am cycling. Have been doing a terrible job there too as yours truly cant ride cycles which was forever. I then chucked this cycling coach and moved to another one.

This dude was even better, he asked me to start floating like swimmers. I am terrible start and can never manage to lift my leg off the floor. Its stuck to the floor.
The end result is swelling in my eyes with all the chlorine and a runny nose.

I am still going to the pool, am sure I will frighten the guys with the swelled up eyes.