Monday, 8 December 2008


This poem is offically called 'Unknown Visitor'
Let me inform you well in advance that I am absolutely clumsly in case of technology. So I guess I was dumb enough not to change the previous title.

Your views are well appreciated.

It has come silently
To take me away
Like a gentle breeze
With the early morning chill.

He creeps slowly in
Making me shiver within
I feel him all around
But he is nowhere in sight.

Tears I can't cry
Cause no pain surges in my eye
Stealingly he looks at me
Though no one around me can see.

His smile to me is cold
But I urge I m not old
He wants to take me away
But in my intent I don't sway.

His smile has stopped
And my eye on him has locked
In me I feel a chill
Though the sun is shining still.

Time has seemed to stop
My heart jumps over the top
Now I know I can't stay
For life in me has faded away…



Blogger Senorita said...

@ VL...why this morbid thought have just succeeded in doing what RVG has not been able to do for years by churning out horror films, I have got the goosebumps by just reading this poem...

8 December 2008 at 20:47  
Blogger LV said...

i thought it was amazing... considering i am planning to bother you to death so i think the poem is apt...

8 December 2008 at 23:40  

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