Friday, 5 June 2009


Another short story...

Tania tried to forget him but it was next to impossible. How could she forget some one who was so close to her? Always by her side. She longed to touch his soft hair. His droopy eyes always searching for her even in a crowd and now she was searching him. He was no where to be found.

They had put up posters of him everywhere in the hope some one would have noticed him. Oh, Tania just could not get over the grief. Everyone tried consoling her but to no avail. Her eyes were fixed to the door hoping against hope that he will be back.

She just could not believe it that he had walked out of the house never to return. She had been angry with him for the mess he had created. She had been angry with him before and he had never reacted in such a manner. And now he was nowhere to be found. How could she forgive herself? Tania just kept praying that no unfortunate incident had befallen on him.

The regret she felt didn’t seem wash away with her tears. She felt alone and lost. She was waiting for him. All the wait seems to have stopped when she received a phone call informing her of his safety.

All her tears vanished but she decided then and there he is going to get a new leash no further argument on that.

Her Pouchy will never be away again