Saturday, 17 January 2009

Leaving you behind

I am uploading another of my poetry which i had written quite some time back.
The inspiration had clicked on my return journey from St Andrews.

Not sure what i was thinking but managed to pen it down on the bus ride back home.

Hope to hear your comments. Intellectual property lies with me as always :-)

With the orange hue of the setting sun
And the serenity of a calm sea
I have let your memories sweep away
In the bed to go and lay

The journey to your bed of rest
Has been long and tiring
Many stumbling blocks on my way
To find a perfect spot for you to stay

With the receding skyline
I live you back
As on a new journey
I want to embark

With the ashes of my dreams
Long gone
The black of night I Know
Has gone



Blogger Senorita said...

@ LV... Good one...not sure if I understand it correctly... but I like the feeling of hope towards the end... the will to start afresh...

17 January 2009 at 06:58  
Blogger LV said...

@ sen thanks... just felt like writing it when saw the beautiful sunset in St Andrews... its like leaving the weight behind

18 January 2009 at 01:57  
Blogger LostSoul said...

quite good i must say

18 January 2009 at 11:37  
Blogger LV said...

@ Lost Soul - Thanks

19 January 2009 at 00:11  
Blogger Lancelot said...

@ LV

Good one LV...I really liked the way it ended as Sen has said...I understood it correctly...

are u a lawyer by any chance???Intellectual property "lies" with u eh?? :P :P

19 January 2009 at 06:18  
Blogger LV said...

@ LV: nah me aint a lawyer, i think you will do for all the bloggers

19 January 2009 at 08:34  
Blogger Lancelot said...

@ LV

he he he...then will send you the bill as you ahve appointed me as a lawyer :P :P :P...

btw why u have deleted the comemnt--i dint get wat u meant...

20 January 2009 at 17:08  
Blogger Sainnezz said...

U write realllllly well....

i like the staircase bit...ur not using the lift next time...( m gonna make sure abt tat)

21 January 2009 at 04:52  
Blogger LV said...

@ Lancelot: As you are a lawyer was being careful with my comment, can face a lawsuit right :-)

@ Sainnezz: dream on about the stairs,I will still opt for the lift.

21 January 2009 at 05:20  

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