Saturday, 9 September 2017

A New Age

I scroll and scroll
A message here
And a message there
Talks are now words
Words are now images
I haven't uttered a word
But loads have been said
I haven't moved a bit
But a distance has crept
A new age they say
A screen is all I see

Friday, 14 April 2017


We see the same moon
Yet the light we see is different
We see the same stars
Yet the brightness we see is different

The skies all majestic covers us
The shape we see is different
The sun shines on us
Yet the warmth we feel is different

The flowers smiles at us all
The fragrance we smell is different
The birds sing to us all
Yet the song we hear is different

We all were built as one
Yet we cloak ourselves different
The start and end is the same
Yet the journey for each is different

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New Morning

Perched on the broken twig

Chirping to the morning sun

The warm rays shining bright

The glorious light bathing us all

The jagged ends of the twig

Bruise my feet it holds

The morning song, I have sung

The cheer to the world

Spreading my wings

I flap to fly away

The dark clouds now far away

The fear no longer there

The storm long gone

And all is quiet

The cries no longer loud

The rush no longer heard

Perched on a broken twig

I see all pass away

Calling the morning sun

To cast it warm glow

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Himalayan Trek - the beginning

Soar like an eagle
Walk on the cool grass
Breathe the crisp air
Drink the Himalayan water

These 4 Lines sums up Sar pass

Did we fly like an eagle not really but those dizzy heights felt like one. A journey like no other, a trek like no other.

A mistaken journey landed us in one of the most fun trip I have taken.

As I geared for the journey to Sar Pass, with words of wisdom from the internet, anticipation creating a riot within myself. Excitement, fear intermingled together, I traveled via  Delhi, an overnight buses from Delhi to Bhuntur and local buses from there on to Kasol, dropped me to the base camp.
As we overlooked the base Camp at Kasol, the fear returned to what have I done. Dreading the many stairs to the base camp, we braved ourselves with huge bags to reach the base camp. The roar of Parvati river was astounding.

At the base camp, post our registration we were alloted tents. I have never done camping or stayed in a tent so this was a novel experience. Our tent had 9 girls including myself and I looked around speculatively on how to fit in, we were in for a bigger surprise.
After we had settled in, orientation was held by the field director. I need to commend the field director as he has to keep repeating the same  text day in and day out for each group, talk about monotony. YHAI is known for arranging scrumptious meals and this trek was no different with stringent time schedule. A camp fire performance and hot bournvita later we packed ourselves in our sleeping bags. I now know what a larva feels like. All tied up and cant move much.

At 5.30 am, a whistle woke us up for tea. Do you know the feeling of sleeping on a hard ground and woken mid sleep, thats how i felt with each and every muscle creaking. Dragging our feet, we got ready for the morning exercises, running and stretching and behaving like stroke victims. We were happy to be back at 8 for some breakfast, only to leave at 830 for a walk in the park. Now this is not your regular park walk, imagine 2 kms of uphill walking on narrow path with pebbles all over and altitude.

This walk was no mean feat, as I was breathless after 500m on the incline. Making me realise how out of shape, I was heaving my way through when we finally reached the river, our break point. The alluring Parvati river was a nice place to bask in. We were given an hour to explore the area. The warm sun with the calming sound of the running water had me lazing like a cat, content. 

We returned to the base camp around around noon for another round of orientation and preparation for our campfire performance. Our group put up a stellar performance and were literally crowned the best campfire of the year (conditions applied as there were other groups after us too).  A special mention to JD, he rocked the performance with his mange meri baro act. Imagine a professional body builder enacting the role of the heroine and dance word for word. It was a laugh riot with Zingat played as a group performance. It was an amazing prelude to the coming days ahead.

For the next day, rappelling and rock climbing were scheduled as part of the acclimatization exercise. However we still had one important step before that and it was morning exercises. Dragging our feet along with the next batch we ran and stretched. After breakfast, all of us marched for rappelling and I like a good citizen sat at the back, content under the warm sun. I managed to skip rappelling and rock climbing as it wasn't compulsory and didn't believe gravity or height was working in my favor. 

The guys attempted rock climbing, some clinging like spiderman and others moving like it was a daily commute. My gold seat ensured me a viewing as well as some time to bond with nature as we were leaving for our trek the next day.

Back at the camp, all of us were busy weighing and repacking our bags for the trek. We were asked to carry only essentials and that was a dilemma one can do without. One of the girls actually emptied after the tooth paste to reduce weight and all the girls managed to carry a decent weight. The guys were another story with some carrying bags weighing 10 kgs. We all prepared ourselves for the long journey ahead...

Monday, 9 May 2016

I dream

I dream of a clear blue sky
Bright and shining sun
A gentle swaying breeze
Blowing my hair

The lush green grass
Feels soft beneath my feet
The dew in its blade
Cooling my heels

The chirping of the birds
A melody to my ears
Carressing my soul
With new songs

The air so different and fresh
Dragging a new breath it seems
Energising my being
The crisp air of this land

Is this paradise we long
Or a glimpse of life should be
No turning back it seems
For this new breath I long

Monday, 7 March 2016


Low embers of a flame
Long dead or igniting again
Shimmering in the dark
Chasing the cold away

The gentle breeze,
an aid it brings
flaming the embers
to rage within

Blazing its path
to the skies above
spreading it arms
to grasp all around

Jubilant red, burning bright
dancing to the wind
the orange hues
of the dying blaze

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Evil of the Day

Solace in the dark
Or is darkness the solace
The soothing blackness of the night
Shades the soul

The darkness I do not fear
For evil presence is known
Shrouded in my mind
No presence can hold

Broad daylight a cover
Blinding us all around
As unknown faces lurk
With evil hidden inside

Brightness too blaring
Forcing my mind to open
Light's a truth I cant forsake
A peek I take around

A new day has just began
Strength from within I seek
Stronger footsteps I take
To face the evil of the day