Sunday, 27 July 2014


Today was an action planned day but the sleep gods were kind to me and I slept in. Not that late, was up at around 800ishhhhhh.

My friend had planned for breakfast on the way at a place called Tish or something. They make amazing crossaint sandwiches. Chennai food scene is to fall in love with. The break fast filled and fueled me up for our journey to Mahabalipuram or the cool Chennai lingo calling it Mahabs.

The drive from Chennai to Mahabs was around 2 odd hours. We say some ancient rocks and craving and settled in the gardens overlooking the city. After some time, we decided it was lunch time (it was a food trip), We went to this place called Moonrakers for lunch and it was filling up on a Friday. The place is known for its fish.

We ordered crab masala, fish fry and some cold beverages with roti. The meal was so filling that I had to drink lemon juice with salt to be able to move. I felt like we would need a crane to lift me from my spot. The day was not done yet and we had to see the beach in a beach city.

We walked down to the beach and I didnt carry of my hair any longer. It was amazing to see the strong waves and the way they were crashing onto the sides of an hotel.

I was surprised to see people surfing and since I do not much of surfing maybe the waves were safe.

After having a fill of the waves, we drove back to the city to avoid the evening rush on the highway.

We made it back to the city in good time and had time in our hands, so we decided to explore the other beach stretches in chennai.

We landed up at Elliot's beach and sat admiring the setting sun. Not sure how long we sat there but the gentle waves in comparison to the waves at Mahabs was a pleasant change.

The Fruit Shop at Greams road was next on the agenda on the must eat places, I decided to try the apricot milkshake while my friend had pomegranate. The milkshake was one of the best I had had in a while considering I managed to convince my friend to let go of her pomegranate shake in the future.

Content we drove around the city wondering the next hot spot to visit, when we decided to head towards the beach near my friend's place.

We ended snacking at Subway, but all the food I had eaten had me loaded up and I just couldn't eat more. I ended up eating a toast and the chocolate cookie at Subway.

The crabs & the milkshake had made a permanent place in my stomach didn't want to share it with other foods.

Did I fall asleep, not really, we spent hours catching up on stuff and feasting on ice creams well into the night.

I could not believe I had just one more day left in Chennai.


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