Sunday, 27 July 2014


As trip goes, this was my first gastronomic trip. Was it planned, not really but I guess you can enjoy a place better via its food. Chennai was a place where I went with an open view .

Chennai by itself was an expected destination in June. But when the time is right, trips just happen.
The train journey was long and believe me Chennai express train is not like the movie train. I kept looking for the waterfall but could not find one.

With no plan in mind I landed up at Chennai station where my friend was waiting for me. After some mis-communication and she waiting for me for half an hour, I reached hot and humid Chennai and I come from Bombay, this was hot.

Too exhausted to do anything, my friend has ordered some food and I just crashed.

I know most of the people love mornings and I am not one of them.
Strangely Chennai woke me up early not so much bright though. After some break fast, I was too tired to do anything and just caught up on shows and office work while on leave.

We hadn't planned much for the day as we both had some work to finish. The most important thing for me was to cut my hair and that was nicely done at one of the salons.

Not sure how but the CCD sandwiches in Chennai tasted better than Bombay (Cant blame it on hunger). After a nice fill of sandwich and nanchos ( i like to call mexican masala papads) we went dessert tasting to an amazing place called Sandy chocolate Laboratory. I idolize desserts and this was heaven on earth and the desserts took me to another place. Spirits never get me high but a good dessert and I am in the sky flying.

We shared an amazing molten lava cake with icecream and I have been going ga-ga over it ever since. Followed by jar desserts, I was stuffed else would have tried everything. With filled belly and soul we drove down to the beach near my friend's place. And that was the doomed hour for me as my newly set fabulous hair became of mass of dry leaves sticking in all direction.
I have the most frizzy hair in the world.

One question I kept asking myself and haven't found an answer yet how did Chennai get some much sand. I kept walking to reach the water and the frizz in my hair was not helping.

After a satisfied day we headed home.


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