Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pink City

Lost in the myriads, stands the magnificent pink walls of Jaipur. So begins my travelogue of the recent trip.

Fun, adventurous, astounding are some of the words that come to mind. Confusion is another word that stems in my mind but that's more from a writing perspective - do I want a monologue article on how I traveled or baffle myself with varied places of interest.

Like an ever excited trooper (Though my face belies it), we set on our grand tour of Rajasthan. Oh we were in for a surprise.

Our first port of call was Jaipur - Pink City. I will be lying if I said the noise & traffic didn't surprise me. Packed with information from the net we set off on the grand tour of the city. We avoided the taxi for the day and decided instead to take the bus. With our maps, we ended up at Hawa Mahal, the place has some 900 odd windows, not sure of those though. I liked the view from the top of Hawa Mahal, you could see the city all around you. The sight of the entire city says a lot.

During my tour of Rajasthan, I have always wondered how did the princesses & queens tread the narrow steps in their heavy jewelry and clothes. They could give a weight lifter, a run for their money.

Post Hawa Mahal, we traveled to Jantar Mantar. Now that is some place, brimming full of knowledge. It is amazing how the king put together different instruments to tell time. And these are humongous & astounding instruments.

There were a group of school kids visiting Jantar Mantar which just helped us in our quest for knowledge. The audio guide was horrible and confused me further.

Lunch beckoned us and we went to a popular restaurant Handi. On the local cuisine, I had an amazing guide in my sibling who knew all about what I should eat.  We tried the Rajasthani thali along with Lal Maas , the star dish for us was the Lal Maas. Enough to make you sweat out.

After our scrumptous meal, we set off to shop. Jaipur surely makes you work out for a good deal.
Shopping was shopping, long and painful after multiple store visits, we were happy with our few purchases.

All the shopping made us very tired and we ended up at Spice Court. We had heard quite good reviews of the place and they were quite true.

As we adventurous and didn't hire a car for the day, we had to fend for ourselves. After a lot of hassling managed to get a rickshaw. We duly gave him the hotel name and the popular location and what does he do. Drops us of at the popular location and ask us to walk the remaining distance.

We were adamant and insisted that there was a deal to drop us to our hotel. Luckily for us another rick guy told him that he should drop us as it was barely any distance from where we were stationed.
He finally agreed to drop us. So here we were safe and sound back at the hotel at 12 in the night, all geared up for the next day.


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