Monday, 20 January 2014

Thar Desert begins... the nomads have moved again. Karni Mata

Like Nomads we set off on our journey towards the desert, the golden land. I guess the other hitch in our journey was that we never left the hotel till 10.30.

With the change in our schedule, we did not have any bookings for Bikaner. We liked to believe that nothing is impossible and left our worries for later.

The journey from Jaipur to Bikaner is around 4 hours, considering the fabulous driver we had, we took more than 6 hours.

The speedometer kept showing us that we driving at 100km/hr to be honest, it felt a lot lesser. But then I cannot be a judge of speed as I once banged a car at 5km/hr speed.

The amazing bit about Rajasthan is that the highways are in excellent condition, considering Bombay roads, this was a blessing.
The land is so flat, you can literally see into great distance. This was the first we would be seeing a desert and we could wait to see the majestic Thar.

Our first stop was the famous Kharni Mata temple at Deshnoke, this temple is known for fulfilling wishes. The important element is that this is the only rat temple. People come from afar to worship here.

You can see rats scampering around everywhere.We felt like warriors set for battle. I am petrified of rats and these aren't mere rats, these are gigantic rodents and they have freedom to roam all across.

We  reluctantly handed over our shoes, there was no way I was forsaking my socks.
I am amazed at my bravery and I believe I deserved an award for the exemplary bravery I showed amongst my enemies. I took the family camera and went about clicking photographs while my family looked for a safe haven where there were fewer rats.

I doubt you there was a supposedly safe haven. My sibling kept telling me to get down with it and move out. But I had to do justice to the family photos and the rats kept moving. I couldn't get good pics.

I was so engrossed in clicking photos that a lady came and stood besides me and I almost yelled. Luckily for me, I did not yell out loud, else what am embarrassment during pooja.

It was a fun experience. This one place one should visit as it is definitely an experience. 


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