Friday, 17 January 2014

Pink City Part 2

The next day, bright and early we waited for our car. We weren't taking any chances today.
Our car duly arrived on time but can any of our journey be smooth. Nope, all our planning and booking and advance payments cannot stop from calamity striking us.

The driver tells us that we are scheduled to drive to Shekhawati region on the same day when we had specifically confirmed that the trip was scheduled for the next day. Today was for sight seeing in the outskirts of Jaipur.

So starts the day, talking and arguing with the agency. The agency guy keeps mincing our words and no amount of reasoning works. Then the driver suggest we tell him to cancel the deal. That seems to pacify the agency guy but oh boy how wrong we were.

The driver was trying to make a deal with us to avoid the agency and give him the contract for our 10 day tour to take us around. We were in 2 minds as the morning conversation had already soured us but were left with no option.

We took the advise and the agency guy asked us to take the car for the day. We spend the day seeing Amber fort which is on the outskirts. After marveling at Amber fort, it is a spectacular fort but not the most memorable I must say. I had to refer to the pictures to remember it. After Amber we went to Jaigarh fort which has the biggest canon. Now that is spectacular. Seems it was only fired once and the cannon ball was around 27 kgs.

After the fort visits, we referred to our sheets for good places to eat as we had skipped lunch. One of our travel party was ill after the previous night Lal maas (red meat) so we allowed our stomachs to settle. The next item on our agenda now was food.

We had heard praises of Rawat kachoris and had to try some onion kachoris. What we didn't know was the driver was cooking up a story behind our backs while we enjoyed piping hot kachoris and lassi.

We were supposed to go to Choki Dhani when he tells us that the agency is going to deduct 75% of the advance that was paid. We realised that these guys were trying to take us for a ride. We insisted to speak to the agency guy with whom we had transacted however the driver kept telling us to take to some other supervisor. We knew these guys were up to something. We asked them to take us to the police station and put us online with the agency guy we had transacted. The agency guy finally agreed to deduct the amount we spoke in the morning however our Choki Dhani dream was down the drain.

Even the driver tells us that he needs to go to the agency to give the balance payment back. As if, considering they were just trying to cheat us.

On we go on our search for a new car for our planned itinerary. Our evening is spent speaking to the hotel desk arranging for a car.

In the meanwhile we are worried though not disheartened as we knew we could manage from this tight spot only with a lighter pocket.So be it, we were on a vacation to Rajasthan so we decided to try some more famous cuisine at another recommended place.

Off we went to Santosh Bhoganalaya and tried the Dal batti chorma. It was fun, now this was a thali but we had already eaten a kachori and had lassi about 2 hours ago and were stuffed. We ended up eating just a dal batti in the entire thali.

Post dinner, we head back to pack as next day starts our caravan for the tour across Rajasthan.


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