Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mesmerizing Stones

I know its been ages since I have written. I have written another short story for a contest which had a picture of precious stones. You had to write the story based on the picture with a word limit of 250, let me know your views.

The hunt was on; I was geared in khakis with anticipation drying my throat. Enthusiasm filled the air. A strange anticipation seems to have spread over us like a bride on her first night and then realisation stuck me.

Darkness was all around even the moon seemed to have failed us. Stars blinked occasionally, making me realise what dark really meant. Dark clouds loomed over us adding to our fears. Each sound scaring the shit out of us. Each sound stranger than the last. I was told that I could hear a sweet symphony. It sounded more like the background score for an Alfred Hitchcock movie. And all of sudden silence prevailed. All the scary sounds seemed like a bad dream.

Then I saw the glitter like 2 stones beaconing me to them. No night goggles could do any justice to the sight. I continued to be drawn to the sight like a moth to a flame; only to be rudely awakened from my trance by a scream from my friend on her sighting of the tiger. The sighting of the tiger thrilled me like a thirsty traveller on seeing his drink. It was magnificent.


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Good one!!!

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